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New and Used Car Warranties for the Beginner

If you are unsure about extended warranties for your new or used vehicle, you need to know that in the most part these are a good insurance policy for your vehicle. First time car buyers may not know this and be unsure about purchasing and extended warranty product. After all we all perceive insurance as being a “grudge purchase”. more…

Extended Warranty Administrators

An extended warranty administrator is the company that has the responsibility for paying your auto claims. Often the administrator is not the insurer who covers your claims and it is generally wise to purchase your extended warranty from the administrator direct. In this way you can usually rest assured that their warranty plan is re-insured with an “A” rated insurer. You are allowed to check out their facts and figures and some people even go so far as to look into their claims handling history. This is a wise move! more…

Extended warranties for Used Vehicles

It is not always possible for everyone to afford a new car, Truck or SUV, the good news is that there are many good quality used or slightly used vehicles available on the market. Obviously there are many concerns by the vehicle purchaser when buying a used vehicle and the purchase of an extended warranty can assist in alleviating these concerns.


Subaru Extended Warranty: Don’t Get Caught Without One

When you buy a new car, you can expect that a warranty comes with it. The warranty will ensure that if something happens to some components of the vehicle that was beyond your control or was the fault of the company, you will be able to have it fixed or replaced without any further cost from you. This is a good idea since you will have peace of mind, but, what if the problem happened just after your warranty expired?

Saturn Extended Warranty: Satisfaction Guaranteed

Owning a car is a big responsibility. It’s not just the price that you paid for the car, but also all the maintenance and the repair fees that needs to be paid if something goes wrong. Saturn cars are known for their comfort, practicality, and performance, it’s a great line of cars that can offer one of the most comfortable rides for anyone. But what if something goes wrong with your Saturn?

Warranties are given by car companies to assure you that they have full confidence in their vehicles. But not everything is perfect. Because cars come with mechanical components, there may be a chance that something may go wrong. And what if something did go wrong, and worse, your warranty just expired? This is where being prepared with a Saturn extended warranty will come in handy.

Vehicle manufacturers provide warranties because they know that during that period, their vehicles will be in tip top shape. Not because after the warranty the quality would also cease to exist, but because some people do not know how to care for their cars and sometimes, after the warranty period, the mechanical components may break down because of neglect.

Having an extended warranty will help you cut costs if something does happen if your Saturn breaks down, maybe not because of neglect, but for one reason or another. With rising parts and labor costs, getting an extended warranty now can get you great prices which can save you more money later on.

Extended Warranty For The Pontiac

The Pontiac extended warranty is insured by the National Casualty Company, with administration being taken care of by Phoenix American. With this on your side, you have the dual benefit of not only vehicle maintenance but also from heavy repair bills.

This warranty has been formulated in such a way that customers get protection from the otherwise unavoidable costs of repairing vehicles and the customer also gets a comprehensive protection for the unknown future. Pontiac owners can avail of the one of the most comprehensive auto extend service contracts. more…

Bugatti Covers Almost Every Eventuality For Four Years

From Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S comes this new extended warranty for Years 3 and 4 to cover almost any eventuality. Let’s take a look at what this means to someone buying a new Bugatti automobile.

Here’s what this new extended warranty offers: the body and paintwork and this means that the whole vehicle is guaranteed against rust, the electrical and the mechanical components. more…

Wanted: Volkswagen Extended Warranty

Volkswagen has for a long time been a bastion for performance, style and quality. If you’re in the market for a vehicle today, the Volkswagen line up is something you shouldn’t miss. Aside from the car itself, there is something you should also greatly consider. That’s the Volkswagen extended warranty.

If Volkswagens are very reliable and dependable, then why would I need a Volkswagen extended warranty? For a person to ask that is pretty understandable. Why indeed? Well remember that a car is a mechanical object, it has moving parts and sometimes, it has moments where it can receive much abuse. When this happens, there is a tendency for the parts to receive wear and tear.

Your warranty can cover these repairs if the damage is not your fault, maybe because to improper care and maintenance, and it was due to the workmanship of the parts or vehicle. But if it happens after the warranty has expired, you are going to be the one to shoulder the costs.

Having an extended warranty can help you defray these costs. Sure it may seem like an unnecessary cost now, especially if you have just bought your car, but if you purchase it now, it would be much cheaper. As labor and parts cost increase, so do the fees of these extended warranties. Much more so if you decide to not get an extended warranty and four to five years from now you need to get your vehicle repaired.

Think about it, consider getting a Volkswagen extended warranty today and save your hard earned money in the future.

Dodge Extended Warranty: Kicks In Seamlessly after Manufacturer’s Warranty

There are companies that offer the Dodge extended warranty to kick into effect immediately after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. You’ll find that in most cases, the extended warranty is offered as an additional feature to the manufacturer’s warranty. However, in the case of Dodge automobiles, companies like Paragon Motor Club extend your coverage to go on for a period of seven years or 10,000 miles.

The great thing about an offer like this is that there is no time lapse when your manufacturer’s warranty expires. Phoenix American administers this extended warranty and it is insured by the National Casualty Company which is part of the $110 billion Nationwide® Insurance group. Phoenix American is said to have a highly trained staff force and they are very well equipped to handle all the various kinds of claims – especially mechanical breakdown ones. It is also said that almost 90% of the claims can be handled with just one phone call. more…

Mercedes Extended Warranty – Get the Extra Mile in your Coverage

Many of us dream of owning our own car, especially if they are filled with luxury, comfort and performance and Mercedes is one of the few cars that have them and at peak superiority at that. The brand Mercedes is synonymous with quality and you wouldn’t expect it to break down easily. Unfortunately, it does, although only with a selected few. Having a Mercedes extended warranty can help you get the savings you need if something does happen to your precious luxury car. more…

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