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What You Should Find in a Good Extended Warranty

It is of utmost importance to buy your extended warranty product from the warranty administrator directly. The extended warranty sold by the warranty administrator provide more widespread coverage and is cheaper as compared to the ones given by the car dealers, whose main motive is to earn a commission by selling the extended warranty. While purchasing extended warranty make sure that it covers tear and wear repairs and mechanical failure.

Keep in mind that an extended warranty product is insured from insurers whose rankings are “A” on A.M. the extended warranty product its life should begin the very moment you buy the vehicle. You can as well purchase an extended warranty within 12 months from the date of purchasing the vehicle but sooner the better.

Before you buy the extended warranty, ensure that it provides you a 100% money back assurance for the initial 30 to 60 days. If you plan to sell the car then make sure that the extended warranty is also transferable. There are some extended warranties, which cease to exist once you sell your car, so you should go for an extended warranty that is transferable to the new owner of the car. This is bound to increase the re-sale value of the car.

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