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Extended Warranties – Items to Take Note of

What is the extent of the warranty of the vehicle at present? Take a very good look at the warranty already provided by the vehicle manufacturer. This will assist you in making a decision regarding the extended warranty product you purchase. For instance if the manufacturer guaranteed covers 36 000 miles, you anticipate you ownership of the vehicle to be for two to three years at an anticipated mileage of 10 000 miles per year, then there is not much point purchasing and extended warranty. However if you anticipate that you will be keeping the vehicle for a longer period of time then and extended warranty purchase makes good sense.

The reliability record of the vehicle – What kind of reliability history does the vehicle of your choice have? By looking at the history of the reliability of a vehicle, although not a fool proof method, can still help you pre-determine what repairs might cost, should the vehicle incur problems and may assist in your decision to purchase an extended warranty.

The extended warranty product – Who is behind it? An extended warranty is often backed by the vehicle manufacturer or an independent company in the case of aftermarket warranties. By being aware of the company who underwrites your extended warranty, you might gain some insight. Manufacturer back extended warranties are very good, while aftermarket warranties are generally cheaper. However when it comes to extended warranties, you do get what you pay for.

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