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Dodge Extended Warranty: Types & Tips

With an extended warranty, you don’t have to constantly worry about something breaking on your car after your original warranty expires. Your car will still be protected by the extended warranty once the manufacturer’s warranty runs out. There are things you need to consider, starting with the type of warranty you buy and where you buy it from. Even two warranties that seem identical (i.e. 10 years or 100,000 miles) can still be very different. This article will seek to teach you the important aspects of looking for and buying an extended warranty, so that you get your money’s worth.

What Types of Extended Warranties Are Available? The major types of warranties available include:

  • Exclusion Warranty (also known as Bumper-to-Bumper) – this is the best type of warranty and the one you should try to get. This warranty is very simple because you can assume that all parts are covered on the entire vehicle, except for the parts listed on the exclusions list. This way you can simply look at the list and if a part is not listed then it IS covered. There is no second guessing.
  • Named Component Warranty – This warranty is also a simple one that requires no second guessing. Basically, you will get a list of all the covered parts. If they are not there, they are not covered. These warranties usually cover less than an exclusion warranty, which is why they list what is covered rather than what is not.
  • PowerTrain Warranty – This warranty does not cover a lot and usually doesn’t help the consumer out much at all. These warranties cover only the engine, transmission, and powertrain, which are the parts that are least likely to fail while the warranty is in place. Instead of purchasing this warranty, you may want to save your money instead.
    If you’re going to put up cash for a warranty, you should put it to good use by getting an Exclusion Warranty. The other two warranty options, especially the PowerTrain warranty, may be a waste of money since it will be easier for your warranty claim to be denied.

Dodge extended warranty Tips

There are two prime tips that will help you pay for your Dodge extended warranty and get your money’s worth:

Always read your warranty carefully to ensure that you know of any and all exclusions listed. This goes just beyond parts that aren’t covered to include reasons why something may not be covered. For example, if a part that isn’t covered causes a part that is covered to go bad, you may have your warranty claim denied.

If you get a rebate from the purchase of your car, use that money to buy your extended warranty. This way you won’t be out of any money out-of-pocket and you will still be able to get your long term coverage.

If you choose to get a Dodge extended warranty, you will be helping yourself by ensuring that a broken car part will not leave you in financial distress. It may be one of the best decisions you ever make when it comes to your car.

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