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Extended Warranties – What You Need To Know

It has been happening for years, a new extended warranty product comes onto the market, promises its customers the earth and then collapses in a heap after 3 months, bang, they go under. Seemingly sometimes situations that start off well often end abruptly. This does not have to be the situation between you and you vehicle extended warranty company.

You have to find an extended warranty product that covers every eventuality, and to find just such a product you have to understand both what you need for your vehicle and, what resources an extended warranty product should have available, before you make a decision to purchase this item.

Essentially an extended warranty, extends the vehicle manufacturers warranty on the vehicle. The extended warranty should cover repairs to as many components of the vehicle as possible, include regular services and cover repairs considered to be wear and tear. The company providing the extended warranty, has to have an insured, and even better re-insured fund that caters for service and repairs of its members vehicles and they must first provide you with a copy of the warranty to see what they cover.

No one wants to see their expensive vehicle turn into an expensive “money pit” after the manufacturers warranty has expired, so by purchasing an extended warranty, you can protect against this. They are a necessary evil, I agree, but protecting your expensive vehicle and your pocket against expensive repairs is also wise.

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