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Don’t be pressured into Buying Extended Warranties At a Dealership

When considering the purchase of extended warranties, it is important to remember that you should never let a car dealer pressure you into the purchase of such a product. You best key to finding the right extended warranty for you needs is research. Not listening to some car salesman give you a pitch about a product you, and probably he, both know nothing about.

Car dealers have been known to tell customers that they require extended warranties in order to obtain finance for the vehicle. This is not true and the car dealer who tells anyone this is not acting in an above board manner. Should this scenario ever occur, you should probably seek out another dealer or obtain your car finance from your, or another bank independently to purchase the vehicle.

In making the decisions to purchase extended warranties, the final choice lies with your own comfort level. If you don’t have the money to pay for expensive repairs, don’t like dealing with mechanics and can’t do without your vehicle for even a single day. Then it is recommended that you purchase an extended warranty. Then again if you can afford repairs, are happy with you mechanic and have means to alternative transportation, then perhaps and extended warranty is not the product for you, in the end it is entirely at the discretion of the consumer. It is important to remember however, that extended warranties do afford a level of comfort to the vehicle owner.

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