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What to buy? “Mechanical Breakdown” or “Wear and Tear” Extended Warranty

In terms of wear and tear, classical failures include a reduction in the operating performance of valves, rings, pistons, seals, gaskets, nuts bolts and damage from overheating. It is often difficult to determine if a warranty repair is due to wear and tear or if it is actually mechanical. What you need to understand is that most mechanical failures are due to wear and tear and this causes mechanical breakdowns. The kind of extended warranty you need to have covering your vehicle, must include both of these contingencies.

A cheep and cheerful extended warranty that only covers mechanical failure, will attribute the cause of your breakdown to “wear and tear”, thereby negating your claim. You don’t want this to happen. In many instances the extended warranty products sold by car dealerships is actually a confusing document that only covers mechanical breakdown, these can cost a great deal of money and are not the kind of product that anyone wants.

It is vital to your own sense of well being that you know your extended warranty product will cover both mechanical breakdown and wear and tear items on your vehicle.  We often hear of complaints from people, saying that their extended warranty covers everything and this is not the truth. This creates a false sense of security. Some car dealers will only allow you to have repairs made at their dealership, and this is not practical if you are out of town.

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