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Buying Tips for Extended Warranties

One excellent way of purchasing an extended warranty for your vehicle is to use your tax rebate. If you receive a tax rebate for your vehicle, what better way to spend the money than the purchase of extended warranty cover? This is tantamount to receiving an extended warranty for free. Reliable extended warranty products can be found online for as much as 40% cheaper than in any car dealership and even direct from the warranty administrator. They have better wear and tear cover and once you have paid you will find that you still have money left over from your rebate to invest in another money saving venture.

Just ensure that you deal with an extended warranty company that has a good solid background and they can pay your claims. This is easily determined by the asking of a few relevant questions. Ask to see the financial statements of the claims reserve account and also ask them to provide you with a copy of their standard contract. Once you have read the contract you will see if everything is covered and the financial statements of the claims reserve account will tell you its status.

Start by looking for a company that markets and administers their own products, and make sure that the claims reserve account is insured and re-insured. Proven track records over a long period of time are also good signs to look out for. Rather choose a company that has been in operation for 20 years over one that has only been going for 2 years.

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