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Extended Warranty Plans and New or Remanufactured Parts

extended warranty plans are a very necessary purchase in terms of the value and cost of vehicles today. However they are still, like insurance, considered to be a grunge purchase. There are ins and outs of any kind of product of this nature, and extended warranties are no different.

Many, in fact most extended warranty plans will specify whether the part used in repair to the vehicle are to be new or remanufactured. The decision of which parts to use is at the complete discretion of the extended warranty plan provider. This kind of practice often irks the consumer, but the extended warranty provider would not want to pay for a bad repair only to have the same repair repeated again. Bear in mind that in the long run the extended warranty provider will use the least expensive component available that will be reliable.

The bottom line in terms of an extended warranty is as has often been said. You get what you are prepared to pay for. If you choose the most inexpensive plan, then you will more than likely not get the cover you require. If you chose a more expensive plan you are still at the mercy of the warranty provider as to whether they use new of remanufactured parts, but at least you will receive a reliable repair that costs no extra.

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