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What to look out for in a Good Extended Warranty Plan

Essentially it is entirely at the discretion of the purchaser, where and from whom he or she decides to purchase their extended warranty product. There are any number of outlets selling these plans, and there will always be an extended warranty product available that will suit the purchasers pocketbook.

Regardless of the extended warranty provider you should choose to purchase your plan from, you should be on the look out for certain aspects in a plan to ensure that you have a good and reliable product. All it really takes is a little homework, and comparison of research to weed out the good from the bad extended warranty product.

Some of the signs of a good extended warranty product are:

*    You ability to choose the independent repair shop or dealership to have your vehicle repaired
*    Issuance of a corporate credit card to pay for repairs or services
*    The extended warranty product is transferable
*    Free loaner or rental car built into the plan
*    BBB Certification
*    Cover for trip interruption

Some Signs of a bad extended warranty product:

*    Caps on specific repair costs
*    Pressure from dealership to purchase extended warranty
*    Many exclusions
*    Bad track record of customer satisfaction
*    Out of pocket payment to cover repairs
*    Non-transferable

These few snippets of information should give you something to work with when researching extended warranty products for purchase.

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