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Where to Purchase an Extended Warranty Plan

When you are in the market to purchase an extended warranty product, you have to bear a few things in mind and some simple yet effective tips might just help you find the right product for your vehicle. Most people who have recently purchased, or are thinking about purchasing a new or used low mileage vehicle, should also be thinking about making the purchase of an extended warranty product.

The three basic organizations that offer extended warranty products are new and used car dealerships (steer clear of these), vehicle manufacturers and third parties or independent companies. As is matter for course it is entirely at the discretion of the purchaser to decide where he or she should purchase their extended warranty product. However we do recommend that you not allow any vehicle dealership to coerce you into purchase any of the extended warranty products they are offering, and you conduct your own independent research.

We say this quite simply because, the car dealership most often has an extended warranty plan that they are asked to push for sales. They are given a commission on the sale of the warranty product and often this is not best cover you are able to obtain for your investment. You require the most fully comprehensive extended warranty product that you can find for your budget and the car dealership is not the best place to obtain this.

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