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Obtain Free Online Extended Warranty Quotations Before You Purchase

Before you ever go to a car dealer to purchase a vehicle, do your homework and ensure that you receive a few comparative quotations for extended warranty products for the type of vehicle you want to purchase. This is because of the forewarned is forearmed principle. Car dealerships and car salesmen in general, have very little knowledge of extended warranty products. The generally just punt the flavor of the moment and have no idea if it is a good product. All they know is that they earn a commission for selling it and this is not to your best benefit.

You have to ensure that you have all the information you need to hand, find out the companies claims paying record, find out if the claims reserve account is insured and re-insured. If the extended warranty company cannot answer these questions then they are not worth bothering with.

Once you have a selection of a few good products, then go to the car dealership for your vehicle. If they try to sell you and extended warranty, don’t swallow any bull. Let them know that you have done your homework and you have short-listed the extended warranty companies you are going to approach. It is never compulsory to purchase an extended warranty product from the car dealership. Let them know that you know this.

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