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Extended Warranties for Older, More High Mileage Vehicles

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to obtain extended warranties that cover older, more high mileage vehicles. There are a number of products available and this is very good news for anyone wanting to purchase and older vehicle that has reasonable high mileage on the odometer.

Extended warranties for these types of vehicles will cover mechanical breakdowns for components such as the drive axle, engine, timing belt, transmission, fuel pump, water pump and even more. They also include 24 hour a day, 7 days per week roadside assistance, travel interruption expenses and reimbursement for car rental expenses although is it virtually unheard of to be able to get an extended warranty product that covers wear and tear.

Generally a manufacturer’s guarantee expires after three to four years and this is when you most need a warranty product. This is when the proverbial s*%@ hits the fan and everything goes wrong with the vehicle. You have got to ask your self if you can afford the $750 it is going to cost if the radiator caves in. In any instance if you are purchasing a used car that has high mileage and you are unable to find an extended warranty product, you must put at least $2 000 into a reserve account for any future anticipated emergency repairs.

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