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Roadside Assistance and Extended Warranties

When you purchase a new vehicle in the US today, you are generally provided with two auto warranties. Many of these do include roadside assistance. A basic warranty will cover all items except wear and tear. Wear and tear dictates, wiper blades, oil filters and items such as these. Another warranty will cover batteries and tires and these are generally subject to the make and model of the vehicle according to the owners manual and emissions equipment is required by Federal Law to be covered for 24 000 miles or two years and 80 000 miles and 8 years on certain parts.

Most manufacturers of motor vehicles will provide you with a certain amount of roadside assistance, however if your manufacturer does not have this cover it is advised that you purchase and extended warranty product that covers this eventuality. The last thing you need is to be stranded next to the roadside, with a broken down car and a baby in a car seat! At least with roadside assistance, even if you run out of gas or lock your self out of the car, someone will come and assist you. Check you new or used car warranty thoroughly to ensure that you are covered for these eventualities, if not then an extended warranty product will be available that will ensure you are covered, even if it is just for someone to come out and assist you with a flat tire.

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