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Should the Car I buy be Dictated by the Extended Warranty Product Applicable to it?

It is actually very important to check what kind of extended warranty comes along with the car that you have decided to purchase. The reason for this is that not every new or used vehicle warranty is created equally and you may need the back up of an extended warranty to ensure that everything you need to be covered, is covered. Some warranties cover non wear and tear items on the vehicle for 36 000 miles or three years and others may even go up to as much as ten years and 100 000 miles. But the items that that warranty covers may not include items and parts that would be covered by an extended warranty.

It is very important that you fully understand the different parts of an extended auto warranty, a new car warranty should include “bumper to bumper”, which is everything except wear, and “wear and tear” that covers parts such as brakes and tires. The warranty that covers all the parts responsible for making a care move is called a “powertrain” warranty; this is for the engine and transmission.

One of the really good things about purchasing an extended warranty is that it can prolong coverage of the bumper – to bumper. The extended warranty is often called a factory warranty as this means that technicians who are trained by the manufacturer of the vehicle will be the only ones who work on it. This is a better option!

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