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I have Powetrain Coverage and Don’t Need to Buy an Extended Warranty

There is a school of thought that believes if they have powertrain coverage that lasts longer than their bumper to bumper cover, they do not need to buy any extended warranty coverage, but this is actually not so. Without extended warranty cover your vehicle will not be insured for those parts that are most likely to fail. These are expensive components such as computers, air conditioners, high tech sensors amongst many other.

The wrap extended warranty product is a new type of plan that works by offering additional cover for those vehicle owners whose powertrain warranty runs for longer than the bumper to bumper manufacturers plan. Certain certified off-lease and used vehicles with powertrain warranties may also qualify for the wrap extended warranty. Wrap extended warranties will ensure that all the parts that are not covered by the powertrain warranty are covered, again; as mentioned before, air conditioners, electrical brakes, electronics and ABS, plus much, much more.

It is vital that you understand, even though the manufacturer is extending on the original warranty, any additional coverage offered is of a very limited nature. Once the original bumper to bumper has expired and the powertrain kicks in it very often only covers items such as the transmission and engine and is also often not transferable to a new owner once the vehicle has been sold.

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