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Myths Abound in the World of the Extended Warranty

It is a really strange phenomenon, but no matter what subject matter or product you read about today, there are always myths and fallacies that that accompany that product or service. The fact that people spew out these untruths about as practical a subject matter as the extended warranty can boggle the mind. Anyway this is a brief attempt to dispel a few of these myths.

1. You are only able to buy extended warranty products from the dealer where you bought your car – Not true, car dealerships are middlemen and in fact make more money by selling finance and extended warranties than by actually selling cars.

2. I will have double cover on my auto if I purchase and extended warranty before the manufacturer warranty expires – Not true, extended warranties merely extend the term of the manufacturers warranty, if the manufacturer warranty expires at 50 000 miles that is when the extended warranty kicks in. if you buy your extended warranty before the expiration of your manufacturer warranty, it will be cheaper.

3. To qualify for finance you have to purchase an extended warranty – not true, financing is approved or denied based on your credit record, it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that you are purchasing a vehicle together with and extended warranty.

There are a whole bunch of these myths, never listen to them, always research the facts for your self regarding extended warranty products.

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