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Extended Warranty Typical Exclusions

When you go online to research extended warranty products, you will be given all kinds of advice, most of it is pretty similar however information overload is not advisable. Ensure that you stick to reliable sites that offer helpful and friendly advice before deciding on which warranty to purchase. Many extended warranty sites will advise that you should ensure that you have wear and tear cover as well as roadside assistance and they are correct. However not many articles tell you what exclusions to expect in an extended warranty.

There are some exclusions to all extended warranties, these are typical exclusions and are not really of great concern. For example your extended warranty will not cover items such as Light bulbs, lenses, glass, sealed beams, moldings, trip, upholstery, paint, tires, airbags, batteries, brake drums, shock absorbers, and much more. This is standard and should not ring any warning bells!

Once you have decided on which company you wish to purchase an extended warranty from always ask to see a sample contract. This sample contract must itemize everything that is covered and also everything on your vehicle that is not covered.  If the company will not allow you to see a sample contract, never purchase anything from them, regardless of how attractive the deal seems to be. Also note that there are some extended warranties that are provided by auto manufacturers that do not pay for car hire if your engine dies.

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