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Late Model Vehicles and Major Repairs

A late mode vehicle requiring major repairs during a year or two of the expiry of the original warranty is often able to have repairs done free of charge under a “Secret Warranty” sometimes called a “Goodwill Adjustment”, the list of secret warranties for most cars sold and manufactured in the US for the past ten years, is available from the Centre for Auto Safety in Washington D.C. 

Regardless of this is you just don’t want to take a chance and decide to purchase an extended warranty you should insist that your deductible is $25 – $50 not per item, but per “shop visit”. An extended warranty that dictates you should go to a particular shop or dealer should also be avoided.

Bear in mind that US consumers spend more than $20 billion annually on unnecessary auto repairs, the best way to avoid these repairs is to familiarize your self with the vehicle and learn how to identify common problems. Extended warranties are a good way to defray the cost of expensive car repairs, but we cannot stress enough that the warranty product must be thoroughly examined to ensure that the value of the warranty does not exceed what any major repairs might cost, however unlikely this might seem. It is easy to suggest that savings should be put aside for vehicle repairs but sometimes this is easier said than done!

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