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Repair or Replace Old Vehicles

The average car on the road in America is approximately seven years old and auto repairs to the car will cost around 5% of a normal family budget, this includes battery, tires, tune ups and major repairs such as transmissions. In comparison to the 15% of the family budget that it takes to replace an older car, extended warranties start to look really good; this is one way of getting the longest life possible out of a family car.

Look carefully at the details of the auto extended warranty and see if there is a limit on the mileage of the vehicle or period of time that the extended warranty lasts. Check that it covers both labor and parts and does the cost of the extended warranty appear to be reasonable with regard to the price of the parts that are covered. If the warranty product only covers the cost of parts then it is not really viable as labor costs are often pretty expensive and you will not have proper benefits from the product.

If the extended warranty product covers five years and 50 000 miles, the warranty will last an average of three years as a normal person generally drives 10 000 and more annually, however if the cover is five years and 100 000 miles then the extended warranty will have a life of five years, and in this instance you really do get extended coverage.

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