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Bumper to Bumper Warranties in Comparison to Aftermarket Extended Warranties

When you enter into the purchase of a new motor vehicle, on the benefits, besides the “new car smell’, is the bumper to bumper warranty you receive. This is a factory cover and generally lasts for a period of three years or a certain amount of mileage. The generally accepted amount of mileage is 36 000 miles. This essentially means that any electrical of mechanical components are covered by a factory warranty for the duration of the three years or 36 000 miles.

Some manufacturers do provide longer cover however this generally only includes the engine and transmission on the vehicle. In other words you will not be responsible for any cost incurred in relationship to any repairs needed by the vehicle during the factory warranty period. The manufacture of new vehicles is far more technologically advanced today and it is a generally expected theory that you will require no repairs until 35 000 miles or more after purchase of vehicle, before this period it is virtually unheard of to need major repairs to a new vehicle.

Aftermarket extended warranties ensure that after the period of the factory warranty had expired, your new, or by now, nearly new vehicle is covered for any eventuality. If you choose not to purchase an aftermarket extended warranty, you will be responsible for paying for any repairs to the vehicle that are required and this can be a very expensive process.

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