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Denied Claims for An Extended Warranty

One of the chief reasons that a vehicle owner goes to the trouble of purchasing an extended warranty is that they do not wish to be burdened with huge vehicle repair bills for their expensive investment in a car Truck or SUV. So what do you do is your vehicle repair claim is denied by the extended warranty company?

A denied claim on your extended warranty could be as simple as an error in communication, perhaps the component was covered by the extended warranty, but the incorrect component was claimed for, you should really check this in the instance of a denied extended warranty claim. If you do check and find there was no communication error, then that component was not covered by the extended warranty and this is something that you need to understand right in the beginning.

When first making the decision to purchase an extended warranty plan, you have to understand that not all extended warranties cover all vehicle components. Most contracts have three levels, good, better and best! If you have an expensive vehicle, don’t for a moment believe that it is wise to only purchase a good extended warranty, the “best” is the only option if you wish to have most repair probabilities to be covered. In the long run, with just about everything, you get what you pay for and this also applies to extended warranties.   

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