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Why extended warranties don’t cover all cars

Did you know that you can’t get an extended warranty from warranty companies on all cars? Or even if you do, the warranty won’t cover all repairs or wear and tear? Many warranty companies don’t really want to do extended warranties on a lot of the high end cars. Now why is that so?

Well, the Jaguar for one, could mean expensive repairs if there’s any damage done to it. Or take the Mercedes – well nothing much does go wrong with it, that’s true – but if anything does go wrong with the engine, that’s a $20,000 engine we’re talking about in the Mercedes ALG. Of course, when it comes to the Land Rover, most cars come up for expensive repairs rather frequently.

So what does a warranty company do to protect itself? Even if it does give you an extended warranty, in all likelihood, it will not cover repairs nor will it cover wear and tear. So if you do possess a car that’s way up there price-wise, you might do better to put money into an account for unforeseen repair charges rather than spend it on an extended warranty.

Of course, there are some warranty companies that will give you a high mileage extended warranty when you buy a used car which already has a high mileage. This still does not extend to all cars but since it applies to most, it might be worth checking out.

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