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Looking For An Extended Warranty

An extended warranty or an extended service contract is actually an insurance policy that is used to pay for vehicle repairs. A new vehicle comes under a manufacturer’s warranty and the company will replace or carry out repairs within the stipulated time frame besides routine maintenance.

What you have to decide is whether you really need this extension on the warranty.
An extended warranty helps boost its resale value besides providing protection against the large cost of repairs. There are polices for only breakdowns and then there are those which cover wear and tear so be sure to do your research and see what you would like.

Check out the internet and you will find you can compare features, coverage and you can have a look at the free no obligation quotes that are on offer along with the service provider’s history and reputation and a myriad of details to help with your decision.

Get details on methods of payments as there are different options open to you. Get information on how the plan will pay and how the deductible will be applied. Check for pre-approval processes if any and get details on what is involved if there is more than one trip to the workshop.

There is coverage for roadside help, towing and even rental car charges. So make sure your research is thorough in terms of price comparison and coverage type. If you need to travel out of the state, then ensure that your policy covers this aspect.

Ensure that you read the contract and go through the details step by step so you know what exactly you are paying for and what you are going to get. Ask questions and clear all doubts.

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