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Extended Warranty For The Pontiac

The Pontiac extended warranty is insured by the National Casualty Company, with administration being taken care of by Phoenix American. With this on your side, you have the dual benefit of not only vehicle maintenance but also from heavy repair bills.

This warranty has been formulated in such a way that customers get protection from the otherwise unavoidable costs of repairing vehicles and the customer also gets a comprehensive protection for the unknown future. Pontiac owners can avail of the one of the most comprehensive auto extend service contracts.

A warranty always comes when you buy a new car and this is provided by most manufacturers. But along with this regular warranty the manufacturer will also sell an extended warranty which comes into effect when the manufacturer’s warranty expires so there is no period when your Pontiac is not covered. This extended warranty includes cover to major parts like the transmission, the engine, the drive train and the electrical system.

There are two types of service contracts. The first is the Platinum Deluxe which caters to people whose cars have very high tech components. This is an exclusionary plan where if a part is not in the list of ‘non-covered parts and maintenance parts’, then it is covered by the Deluxe.

The second is the Gold coverage Pontiac extended warranty which covers almost all the electrical components and things like the cooling system, A/C, engine, transmission etc along with the suspension, seals, gaskets and other electronics. This is one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry.

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