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Bugatti Covers Almost Every Eventuality For Four Years

From Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S comes this new extended warranty for Years 3 and 4 to cover almost any eventuality. Let’s take a look at what this means to someone buying a new Bugatti automobile.

Here’s what this new extended warranty offers: the body and paintwork and this means that the whole vehicle is guaranteed against rust, the electrical and the mechanical components.

The cars have a telemetric system that is in-built and this indicates any malfunction that could compromise the safety or the performance of the car. What’s more, in case it’s needed, you can get the replacement parts shipped to you in any corner of the globe. In case of a breakdown, if it is because of a technical defect, the company will ensure that they get you to your destination.

The warranty also ensures breakdown service as soon as possible and no towing charges if the car cannot be repaired at the site of the breakdown. Then the owner gets a replacement vehicle. There’s a dedicated helpline 24/7 and each call is taken and attended to personally.

The whole idea seems to be to make sure that the car owners are protected against any kind of discomfort or inconvenience. In fact, the company even issues a check called the anti-inconvenience check so that any expense resulting because of a breakdown is covered. This could include travel tickets or hotel accommodation and there isn’t any need to produce any receipts.

The extended warranty covers one particular vehicle and in case you want to sell the vehicle, the warranty gets transferred to the new owner.

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