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Dodge Extended Warranty: Kicks In Seamlessly after Manufacturer’s Warranty

There are companies that offer the Dodge extended warranty to kick into effect immediately after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. You’ll find that in most cases, the extended warranty is offered as an additional feature to the manufacturer’s warranty. However, in the case of Dodge automobiles, companies like Paragon Motor Club extend your coverage to go on for a period of seven years or 10,000 miles.

The great thing about an offer like this is that there is no time lapse when your manufacturer’s warranty expires. Phoenix American administers this extended warranty and it is insured by the National Casualty Company which is part of the $110 billion Nationwide® Insurance group. Phoenix American is said to have a highly trained staff force and they are very well equipped to handle all the various kinds of claims – especially mechanical breakdown ones. It is also said that almost 90% of the claims can be handled with just one phone call.

The Dodge extended warranty available here is very comprehensive and you can take your pick from the Gold or the Platinum options. The Gold has coverage for many of the electrical parts besides the mechanical ones. The engine, transmission, a/c, electronic, electrical and cooling system, gaskets and seals are all included. The Platinum has a pretty comprehensive coverage and includes the hi-tech vehicles and their components. They give you a list of items not covered and you can take it for granted that everything but everything else is.

So if you are looking for an extended warranty plan for your Dodge, you might want to check these plans out so you don’t really need to worry about repairs and problems that could crop up in the future.

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