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Extended Warranty Problems? There Are Laws To Protect You

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act commonly referred to as the federal lemon law when it comes to automobiles, is a protection for citizens of every state. In fact, the rights that consumers have might just exceed the warranties that are stated in the purchase contracts.

Let’s look at what exactly this law covers. Take note that some laws could vary slightly from state to state so you need to get a fix on what the exact provisions are where you live. In case some things are not covered by this law, you should look at the other federal laws in this area to see if your complaint falls within their purview.

If you had purchased an extended warranty from the dealer which was backed by the manufacturer and this should have been for 5 years or maybe more, then you have recourse to these laws if you find that there are problems with the warranty. In the case of used cars too, you will be entitled to compensation if you were to have signed up for an extended warranty.

These laws are in place so that cars that do not adhere to the standards specified do not get away with substandard performance. This usually happens in cars with a niche market. In fact, there are cases where the warrantor has had to pay the attorney’s fees as well in case they lose.

If certain mechanical problems and defects are not covered by this law, there could be federal laws and consumer protection laws that you could have recourse to so it pays to have a good idea of your rights when it comes to car warranties.

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