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What An Extended Warranty Includes

An extended warranty really is what the name implies – warranty on the automobile beyond the regular warranty offered when you buy the vehicle. This warranty refers really to a guarantee of sorts for the reliability of the vehicle provided of course that it is used in a regular manner and is not abused. This warranty is for anything that might come up after the warranty offered with the vehicle lapses.

The extended warranty does not usually cover parts that wear out thanks to use. Parts like the wipers, tires, etc are not covered by an extended warranty even though they may be covered for the specified period of the regular warranty.

The extended warranty could be included in the price of your new vehicle when you buy it and it could be offered by the manufacturers or by various car dealers. The cost for this warranty has to be paid by the vehicle owner. It can be done when the car is new so the regular warranty is automatically followed by the extended warranty or it can be done on a used car when the new owner would like to have some kind of coverage for his vehicle.

Extended warranties could just mean peace of mind when you own a vehicle and you are not about to change it for a new one. However, you must make sure that you negotiate and know exactly what is covered. A warranty should be comprehensive and should include the engine, the lubricated internal parts, the transmission, the drive axle, the gear housing, all the electrical parts, the air conditioning, the suspension, the brake parts, the fuel delivery system and the electronic system.

An extended warranty would make good sense if you are thinking of keeping your vehicle on for longer than the regular warranty period or you are thinking of buying a used car.

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