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Honda Care: The Honda Extended Warranty Is Well Named

It’s probably the only factory-backed extended warranty that is available and it comes to you with American Honda behind it. You qualify for Honda Care if you bought your Honda after the 15th of November 2004 and you’ll find there is a service contract that suits everyone. Let’s take a look at what exactly the plan is all about.

You get travel protection as well as coverage for your vehicle. All you do is keep looking after your vehicle according to the specified maintenance schedule and you’ll find that every component of your vehicle is covered under this extended warranty – even the constant-velocity joints, the water pump and the timing belt. It includes expensive repairs as well.

The repairs will ensure that only genuine Honda or American Honda authorized parts are used and it will be done at authorized Honda dealerships by factory-trained Honda technicians. And well, just in case there is no dealership close by, the repairs will be done in a service center that has been authorized by Honda. The great thing is that this extended warranty contract is transferable – not too many extended warranties can offer this and this makes it rather exclusive. Up to 120,000 miles you can ensure that expensive repair bills are covered with very low or negligible coverage. All new Honda vehicles come with service contracts from American Honda Motor Co. Inc.

If you love your Honda, a bit of Honda Care wouldn’t come amiss. It would be great to know that you’re driving with the security of this extended warranty by your side, knowing your investment in your Honda comes with coverage you can count on.

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