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Jaguar Extended Warranty: Is it a Necessity?

Owning a Jaguar may be one of the highest points in a person’s life. This is a car that exudes sophistication, class and its brand name alone signifies luxury and quality. So if you own one or is planning to buy one, then it’s highly probable that you want it to last for a long time. With a price tag that can accommodate the purchase of two regular cars, your Jaguar will definitely be a dream purchase, something you can show off.

All cars come with a warranty, this shows that the manufacturer have confidence in their products. But they are only for a limited period of time. Because cars are mechanical, something may go wrong or fail. Not because of low build and quality, but because mechanical parts do experience these failures for one reason or another beyond the manufacturer’s control.

That’s why a Jaguar extended warranty may very well be what you need in order to ensure that your beloved car is kept at a superior state. But if a Jaguar is made from the highest quality, wouldn’t an extended warranty be just a waste of money?

Not necessarily. As I’ve said, no matter how superior your Jaguar is compared to others, some mechanical problems may occur, and when this unfortunate incident does happen, you don’t want to be caught without any money for repairs.

Labor and parts cost will definitely increase in time. What may cost you a few thousands of dollars to have the main components of a car repaired may triple or quadruple in eight or ten year’s time. By then, the cost of your extended warranty will seem very small.

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