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Buick Extended Warranty: Get the GM Guarantee with the Protection only GM can provide

Buick vehicles have been known throughout history as some of the most beautiful and widely popular vehicles. Being a part of the General Motors family, the Buick has constantly stood up to its reputation and is still enjoying a great following from many car enthusiasts. And that’s not all; Buick is covered by GM’s commitment to its products including it to it’s only allowed extended warranty covered by the General Motors Protection Plan or GMPP.

The GMPP encompasses the Buick extended warranty and it has been operational for more than twenty five years, providing satisfaction to its many customers. If your Buick is still under the warrant period, you are still allowed to go under the GMPP. But as your Buick gets older, the pricing plans also increase, so its better that you think about getting a Buick extended warranty right away.

The GMPP also offers many options that some third party extended warranty provider doesn’t. Example, if you haven’t had any claims on your extended warranty, you can have a full refund within sixty days. Another one, if you want to sell your vehicle, your Buick extended warranty can be transferred to the new owner, this will increase the value of your Buick.

Visit your local Buick or GM dealer today. You can apply for a GMPP anywhere in the country with all authorized dealers and you can avail of it anywhere in the country as well. Get the protection your Buick deserves; get it a Buick extended warranty.

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