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Volvo Extended Warranty: Get Your Most Important Questions Answered

If you want your car protected beyond the length of the manufacturer warranty, then an extended warranty is something that you definitely need to get. But, if you have never had an extended warranty, there are some basics that you should get familiar with before you head off to the dealership. What type of warranty should I get? How do I know if a certain warranty is a good value? How do I know how to calculate the life of my extended warranty? The tips below will help you answer some of the most important questions about purchasing a Volvo extended warranty.

Even if you didn’t purchase an extended warranty when you bought your car or you bought your car used, you can still purchase an extended warranty. Many companies that offer extended warranties will let you buy them for vehicles that have less than 100,000 miles and are under 10 years old. On the other hand, the newer your car is, the cheaper the extended warranty will be. So, you may be better off purchasing an extended warranty on your new car right away rather than waiting.

You may be able to get a solid extended auto warranty online for a cheaper price than if you were to buy the same warranty from your dealer. Sometimes the dealer may mark up the price in order to get more out of their cut. Also, when you buy online you can take the time to read over the entire warranty, without high pressure sales tactics interfering with your decision.

Just like insurance, extended warranties can also have deductibles. This means that you will have to pay a specified portion to have your car repaired and the rest of the amount will be covered. Warranties like this will be cheaper, but they may not be the best way to go. For just a little bit more money, you can get a warranty that has a $0 deductible policy, so you will have to pay nothing out-of-pocket. You’re already paying for a warranty that you may not use, that should be enough.

Just in case you decide to sell your car before your extended warranty expires, make sure you get one that can be transferred to another owner. If you don’t, you will end up eating the cost of the warranty and the new owner will not be able to use it either. Having a warranty on a car you are selling can bring in more interested buyers, help it sell quicker, and may even get you a higher price out of your car. Many people are very leery when buying used cars because they know that they could be lemons, but having an extended warranty that is transferrable will help ease their minds.

Your Volvo extended warranty will be your lifeline if anything breaks on your vehicle. The more coverage you purchase now, the more protection you will have in the future. It is important to keep the above tips in mind when evaluating warranties to make sure you get a good deal.

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