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Saab Extended Warranty: Tips to Get the Best Value

Extended warranties keep your car covered for repairs after your original warranty runs out. Most extended warranties vary by type and length, so you need to read over all of your options carefully to ensure that you get as much coverage as you need. You also need to know what the different types of warranties are and things like the difference between “mechanical failure” and “wear and tear” in order to get the best value out of your extended warranty.

Failing to read over each coverage type thoroughly and know what it means can lead to some unwelcomed surprises when you actually need to use your extended warranty. Below are a few tips that will help you get the best value out of your Saab extended warranty.

  1. Just because you have an extended warranty, does not mean that you should skip out on caring for your vehicle or that you should ignore a small noise until your car breaks down. Have your car checked regularly, change your oil when you’re supposed to, and get any problems diagnosed right away. There are several reasons why an extended warranty claim could possibly be denied and you don’t want to be stuck with a huge bill. Doing these things will lessen that chance.
  2. Save money when you can still get a great value, but don’t buy a cheap auto warranty just to save money. Not all warranties will cover the same thing and some of the cheapest warranties may have many hidden clauses to keep the company from being responsible for parts that are covered by the warranty. Although you may be saving money now, you might be losing money when you actually need to use your warranty. With a slightly more expensive warranty, you will likely be able to file a successful claim if a covered part breaks.
  3. Make sure your policy covers “wear and tear” (most cheapie warranties don’t). Wear and tear is the most common reason why most car parts need to be replaced. Therefore not having this kind of policy will make it that much more unlikely that you will be able to file a successful claim with your extended auto warranty provider.
  4. Choose a warranty that will pay the bill, instead of one that will make you foot the bill and then reimburse you. You never know how long you may be waiting for that reimbursement and, depending on the cost of the repairs, you may have a hard time paying out of pocket. The point of an extended warranty is to financially protect you if something breaks on your car, so you might as well pay a little more for one that will pay the repair shop directly.

You Saab extended warranty will keep you from blowing your hard earned money fixing expensive car parts. Just as you would insure your home or your life, you need to insure the parts on your new vehicle as well.

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